To promote diversity within the neuroscience community, Dr. Sangha was the 2021-2022 Chair of the Ethics & Diversity Committee for the International Behavioral Neuroscience Society and is the current Chair of the Women in Neuroscience Committee at the Stark Neuroscience Research Institute.  

We reject all forms of racism and discrimination. As a research group, we are committed to ensuring our lab environment is inclusive, equitable, and supportive for Black people, Indigenous people, and non-Black people of color. We strive for a psychologically safe place where members can speak up and bring up questions and challenges, without facing ridicule or retaliation.

Sangha Lab 

Mission Statement originally prepared by Susan Sangha and Majd Al Yahya.

Additional major contributors: Vanessa Cardona, Abigail Hackleman, Muhja Ibrahim, Jamie Krueger, Lilian Ortiz, Nupur Patel, Nisha Sen-Gupta, Kevin Shim, and Elizabeth Sowinski.

The Sangha Lab is committed to fostering and upholding a welcoming, open and diverse environment, echoing those within the IU School of Medicine Diversity statement:

"At IU School of Medicine, the commitment to diversity includes race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, religion, socio-economic status, age, geography of origin and residence, sexual orientation, disability, work style and other aspects of human attributes and behaviors. The school offers focused, systematic and sustained programs that are aligned with the three foundational pillars: representational diversity, inclusive working and learning environment, and cultural competence."

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mission Statement

Land acknowledgement: The Sangha Lab recognizes the sacrifice of the tribes that once lived and thrived here: the Miami people, the Potawatomi people, the Shawnee people and many other tribes who were forced through these lands. We hope we honor their historic and contemporary work.

Department of Psychiatry, Indiana University School of Medicine

Stark Neuroscience Research Institute

In line with these beliefs, we pledge to:

  • Promote diversity of ideas within our lab by aiming to be comprised of a diverse body of individuals. 
  • Continue our “Diversity in Academia” lab meetings. This will include discussions on actionable items we can do as a group or individually, as well as discussions on published written works, podcasts and films focused on DEI issues.​
  • Participate in diversity and inclusion events at the university and at scientific conferences. 
  • ​Agree to adhere to a Lab Code of Conduct prepared by Dr. Sangha.